At First Auto Credit, We Make Auto Consignment Hassle-Free!

Welcome To our Full Retail Auto Consignment Center In Jackson, MO

First Auto Credit is the only car consignment sale center in Jackson, Missouri, so if you are looking for an auto dealer that specializes in consignment car sales, then we are your go-to store! If you are tired of trying to sell your car and dealing with the people trying to haggle down the price by sending you low ball offers, then bring your vehicle to our auto consignment store today!


When you step foot onto our consignment car lot in Missouri, we will begin to hit the ground running by evaluating your vehicle right on the spot. Afterwards, you hand us the keys, and we do all of the hard work of selling your vehicle for you! We take on all of those phone calls, text messages and emails on all inquiries on your vehicle, and you get a the cash offer agreed upon prior to the consignment service. It is that simple!

What Is Next For Me After I Consign My Car?

We offer consignment car sales right here in Jackson, Missouri, near Cape Girardeau. Whether you are looking into vehicle consignment and wanting one of our pre owned vehicles or just to get the automobile off of your hands, we are able to fulfill all of your automotive needs. Be sure to give us a call at (573) 204-7777 during our business hours, or fill out our contact form at your earliest convenience if you are looking for more information about our car consignment process or anything else that you see on our inventory.